So following my first ever set of night shifts I was given four days off in a row. With no plans, I decided to jet off to Northern Ireland with my sister to visit Belfast.

With a deep low to the west of Ireland, the flight was incredibly nerve wracking with everyone sat in silence. Except my sister who was very loudly chatting about this new ride at Alton Towers where you’re supposedly in an aeroplane crash. So by the time we landed everyone in the surrounding vicinity hated us.

Anyway, once we arrived we made our way to our Air bnb apartment, ate some dinner, and after staying awake for a solid 27 hours I eventually nodded off and slept for 12 hours straight!

The next day, feeling refreshed, we set off to explore.

We came across the Botanical gardens which were not only very pretty to look at, but also offered a nice break from the cold.


It had lots of interesting greenery in it. Couldn’t read half the names though because they were all in Latin.


I think it would be quite nice to live in a greenhouse really. You’d never need air freshener.


Next to the Botanical Gardens was Queens University, which I am so disappointed I never studied at. It’s so beautiful!


After a long trek to the other side of the city, my sister and I decided to stop for food. We found a place next to the river called ‘Cast and Crew’ which honestly looked like the most dingiest place ever. However the food was delicious!


I had a flat ironed steak sandwich with sweet potato fries because if you don’t choose to upgrade to sweet potato fries over normal potato fries then you are honestly not human.

With satisfied tummies we went off to visit the Titanic museum. According to their leaflet the Titanic museum was recently voted the best tourist attraction in the WHOLE WORLD. Now that is a very strong title, and although it was fascinating to look around, I really feel like it is being a little over-exaggerated with an award like that.

However there was a lot of Belfast pride in making it. Not sure why considering it sank.

You could see where the Titanic left from


Not as grand as you’d expect.

There were lots of cool things to see though. For example, did you know that ships have a poop deck?


Apparently nothing to do with faeces but highly entertaining.

Once we got round the creation and manufacturing aspect of the tour the drama of the sinking began.

I really liked this quote. Seemed very eerie.


I also liked this one which I’m adopting as a personal compliment haha.


After spending probably longer wandering round the museum than the amount of time the people actually lasted on the Titanic, we walked back to the city centre.

On our way in, we had seen this really interesting looking pub so we decided to go back for a drink.


It was called the Crown Liquor Saloon and inside it was all very decadent. The interesting feature of it was that you could sit in saloon booths to drink.


We took the barman’s advice on a quirky gin and tonic to try. It was most likely the most expensive one on the menu but it tasted great!

Later that evening, to rest our aching feet, we had a good sit down in the cinema. Our film of choice was Lion and I seriously recommend it! One of the best films I’ve ever seen and a true story!!!!

The next day we got up early because it was all aboard the Paddywagon!!!


We had booked tickets to see the sights of the northeastern coastline, otherwise known as the Antrim Plateau – a place which regularly records the coldest temperatures across Ireland due to it’s topography (true weather forecasting fact).

Our first stop was something to do with Game of Thrones and trees. It was less impressive than it was made out to be. Just some trees that made a bit of an arch.


Would probably look better if all the other tourists weren’t in my way.


Our next stop was something I was excited about, the Carrick-a-Rede, a rope bridge across the Atlantic. Now, when I heard that statement I couldn’t help but imagine a massive bridge spanning from Ireland to northern Scotland or something along those lines.

But no, turns out it’s just a little 20m rope bridge.


Still pretty cool though and the coastline was absolutely beautiful!


I’ve just uploaded that picture and I’ve even managed to impress myself with it.


Next up on the Paddywagon tour was lunch. We went to a nearby pub and I chose a classic pie and chips. Mmmm. Could do with some pie and chips now.


Following lunch was the main attraction. Pretty much the whole reason we’d decided to visit Belfast.

The Giants Causeway.


It was very cool. There was something pretty satisfying about seeing so many pieces of rock so perfectly aligned.

We were told a cute little story about the creation of it due to an Irish giant and a Scottish giant by our tour guide and then we were set free to wander.

It was so big but yet it was so strange how confined and specific the rock formation was to the area. I can see why it’s so popular.


A picture of my sister and I grimacing through the cold.

After the tour we headed back towards our Air bnb where we had yummy tapas at a nearby restaurant and early the next morning, caught our (less turbulent) flight back across the North Sea.

I absolutely loved Belfast, it’s a beautiful city with plenty to do and lots of unique places. Controversially, I highly recommend it over Dublin (and you will save yourself a fortune!) and would definitely go back in the future.

To finish the post off here’s a song we heard whilst at Maggie Mays (supposedly the best breakfast in Belfast) on the second day which teaches a great lesson many people could learn from. An absolute 80s banger.

Stay positive peeps.

Criticise by Alexander O’Neal


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