New Years

I hate New Years Eve with a passion. I don’t know what it is – the end of an era, realising you are getting older and older, the thought of running out of time – it just puts butterflies in my belly. So every year I try to do something fun to stop myself breaking into tears or having a quarter-life crisis, and this year was no different.

I made the journey back up to Leeds to spend it with a girl who, very fortunately, shares my passion for trying new things and visiting different places.

Upon arriving relatively late in the day, we got ourselves dressed up and ate a yummy dinner, preparing our stomachs for the night ahead. Of course I took no photos of myself because I am terrible at being a girl.

For the big night, we first off spent the night at my friends, old flatmates, friends flat (even I’m confused by that). Anyway, the flat was verrrryyyy nice and I had to stop myself from going back to get my stuff and moving in.

The night involved lots of drinking, laughing, meeting some lovely Canadian people (Canadian people are always lovely) and playing this great game called Heads Up which became incredibly intense. Of course my competitive nature meant I was excellent at it haha.

Even after several drinks we did a better job than Cinderella and left before midnight to make sure we got to the club in time.

Once in, I managed to take a very hazy picture


Clearly too busy dancing to take a decent picture. Anyway, I survived the countdown without crying and (almost) enjoyed welcoming in the New Year.

Now for the best bit. My friend and I had decided to hike Pen-y-Ghent on New Years Day, one of the Yorkshire three peaks. The alarm had been set for 7:45 to catch the 9am train but of course, as soon as it went off it was ignored, and we went back to sleep.

A fair few hours later, we eventually emerged from our slumber, ate a fulfilling breakfast of a fruity flapjack and set off on our journey to the Dales.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful and it was such a lovely day making the car ride a lot more enjoyable.

This was the climb from about half way up and you can see how blue the skies were! It was also incredibly windy though so I was wrapped up very warm.


You could see for absolutely miles!


It was a fairly easy hike. The paths were clear and although steep at some points it was a simple climb.

We even got plenty of snow at the top, much to my excitement!


As we had left it prettyyyyy late with the missed alarm clock situation, the sun was setting on our way back down.

But, it did make for a great sunset picture


After a good 3 and a half hours of walking I needed both a sit down and some food. We drove along to Settle and found this cosy pub which did some tasty homemade food.

I had a beef burger with Applewood smoked cheese (If you have never tried that cheese, I highly recommend it, it is a top cheese), homemade chunky chips, onion rings and homemade coleslaw.


I promise you, it tasted a whole lot better than it looks!

Following the food, with satisfied tummies, my friend and I said our goodbyes with the promise to complete the Yorkshire three peaks challenge later this year (which I am holding her to).

I managed to end 2016 in a great way and start 2017 in an even better way.

Unfortunately, I lost a person who was very important to me in 2016 and I always think that when you lose someone it puts your life into perspective. So make sure in 2017 you make the most of your family and friends,  achieve your dreams and escape the confines of the four walls of your house because there is so much more out there!

I am finishing this post with a song I heard on the radio ironically  summing up the last few days:


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