Ahoy (Ahoj) – Praguish for hello

Several months ago I was added to a group chat with two of my friends who are both massive Bastille fans, with one of them asking if we wanted to see them live. Now at the time I wasn’t really interested in Bastille. I knew a handful of their songs such as Pompeii (the one everyone knows ayyy ohh ay oh ay oh), Flaws (which had successfully made it to my Spotify playlist) and their rip-off version of the classic 90s banger Rhythm of the Night by Corona.

My initial thought was ‘no, thanks’. However, the idea expanded and it soon turned into an extended trip to Prague, at which point I quickly changed my tune.

So after getting my 1024726346927572 Czech Korunas, feeling like a millionaire and practically forcing my friend to book me a window seat on the plane  we set off with the very swanky Czech airlines.


It wasn’t swanky but it sounds it.

Once we eventually rocked up to our hotel late at night, I was very bemused (what a great word) by the fact that it was attached to an Absintherie. But more about that later…


The next morning we helped ourselves to a very unique breakfast of various cheeses, deli meats, breads and frankfurter sausages.

After exiting the hotel, we turned the corner to find we were located right on the central square. Better yet, the Christmas market was set up in the square, and so began my daily tradition of getting a hot chocolate every morning on our way out.

We got to see the astronomical clock ring


It was very pretty and for some strange reason someone played a trumpet right after it rang.

After wandering around and admiring all the incredible buildings we stumbled across a shop at which the sparkles instantly drew me in…


It was a shop full of vintage beaded dresses. I think my heart stopped beating. It took all my will power to not try all the dresses on at once, exit the shop, and then sprint for my life.

I’m genuinely sad knowing I may never lay eyes on these ever again.

To relieve my sadness I had a sausage from the market.


I clearly couldn’t wait to eat it as I completely forgot to photograph the full thing.

To burn lunch off, we went to the top of the Powder Tower which was one of many towers we went up.


 The views were totally worth it though. Aren’t the colours amazing?!

After crossing to the other side of the river we found the John Lennon wall which had so much cool graffiti on that you could spend all day searching.


My favourite part:


The future is female. Girl power yes!

After a long day of wandering we stopped off for food at a traditional Czech restaurant where I decided to try rabbit.


It doesn’t look particularly appealing – especially  partnered with gross looking cabbage – and I have to admit it wasn’t that nice. Too many bunny bones.

Afterwards we decided to sample the Prague Hard Rock Cafe where we were served by the scariest, most demanding waitress I have ever met in my life.

The cocktails were good though!

The next day, after further frankfurters for breakfast, we set off for a communism and nuclear bunker tour. It was all very fitting as that morning it had been announced that Fidel Castro had died, so I suddenly felt very intellectual.

We were given a map with all the notable places related to the communist party and it’s ruling and more importantly, we were given a free chocolate wafer which used to be popular in Czechoslovakia.


After filling our brains with historical information, we jumped on the metro to travel to the outskirts of Prague city centre and were taken 60m down, into the dark depths of the bunker…


It was absolutely massive and we only saw a small part of it. I definitely felt like I had just walked into the set of a horror film.


The tour was definitely one of my favourite parts of the trip. Our guide was very knowledgable and more importantly, we got to try lots of outfits which of course appealed to me very much.

Here’s my friend displaying the new Autumn/Winter 16 nuclear fashion line:


And here’s me taking it too far:


After the tour we stroked Rudolph (a donkey), went up another tower and visited the chocolate museum.

However, that night was THE NIGHT. The night we we had booked the whole trip for. To see Bastille.

So we got dressed up, I was eventually convinced to not take my coat, and when we finally rocked up to the venue we discovered everyone was wearing coats.

Anyway, we finally made it into the Forum Karlin


After purchasing some drinks we pushed our way close to the front and waited for the support act.


The support turned out to be a musician called Rationale who had appeared on my discover weekly playlist previously so surprisingly I knew several of his songs. He was really good, very talented and constantly smiling!

Finally Bastille came on


They were better than I was expecting! I had listened to their album a few times so I wasn’t just bopping along awkwardly and they really got the crowd going.

I even enjoyed their rip-off version of Rhythm of the Night.

After the gig we decided to sample Prague’s famous nightlife. We had seen a bar named ‘Coyote’ near our hotel so we decided to try it. Once inside we all noticed it was very male-dominated, they were extremely leery and one even stroked my hair. Finding it odd, but ignoring the looks, we ordered our drinks.

Through the night we kept hearing a bell ring and lots of ‘whooping’. It wasn’t until we saw one of the waitresses got up onto the bar and started dancing that ‘Coyote’ was actually based on the film Coyote Ugly.

We left pretty quickly and went elsewhere.

The next day, after soaking up the alcohol with more frankfurters, we set off for the castle and cathedral.


It was extremely pretty and we went up another tower with the longest circular staircase I have ever been up. I’ve never found stairs so frustrating in my life.

Afterwards we went around an armoury museum where you could pay to have a go at shooting a crossbow. I decided to have a go and obviously all my determination was going into shooting the highest score and beating the men.

And of course:



Grinning like an idiot because I shot the 100.

That night I wanted to go for more drinks, my friends definitely did not. So we compromised and I made them go to the Absintherie.


My friends weren’t going to admit it at the time but I’m sure they enjoyed the absinthe cocktails because they were very tasty! And strong.

For our last breakfast we decided to have frankfurters.

During the final day we decided to go up the Funicular to see Prague from above. It was really strange to be stood completely level but be moving up a hill at the same time. At the top we went up ANOTHER tower.

We also tried this mirror maze which was hilarious.


After travelling back down, I had a final hot chocolate and Nutella stuffed chimney and then we headed back to the airport so I could get my window seat home.


I apologise to my friends as I have missed so much out but we just had the busiest, best few days that it was all such a blur!

Prague was definitely one of the prettiest cities I have ever been too and I’m so glad we went close to Christmas. I also have to admit a few more Bastille songs have been added to my playlist. Anyway I’ll leave you with the original (and best sorry!)

I’m off to join the Olympic archery team. See ya later.


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