Bristol x2

On Friday I walked in through the door after work and my first thought was ‘I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED THIS WEEKEND’.  Now, I’m sure this is perfectly fine for most people however, for myself, this instilled pure fear inside me.

With it being my old kickboxing friends birthday I spontaneously decided, very last minute, to take a visit to see her.

So on the Saturday I woke up, packed my bags and hopped in my car for the journey.

When I arrived an hour and a half later, I discovered my favourite thing about her house.

Her cat.


Isn’t she so cute and fluffy and adorable?!?!?! Cats are so cool.


She even slept in the bed with us. Yes, it’s okay to be jealous haha

After dragging  myself away from the cat, we made our way into Bristol and stuffed our faces with yummy tapas from Las Iguanas.

With full tummies, we decided to burn it off at the ice rink in Millenium Square.

At the entrance to the rink they had a really cool thermal camera, which showed how warm things were. My tongue was very warm as you can see.


My armpits and crotch were also very warm but it would look a bit weird if I took a picture of that.


They were even playing Cool Runnings on the big screen whilst we waited. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to have a go on the banana sledges, but I have a feeling I’m a little too big for them.

When I thought the day couldn’t get any better, my friend announced that she could get us into Bristol Aquarium for free.

With my absolute love for water and all things ocean-related this was like music to my ears.

There were seahorses which we thought were pregnant, but it turned out they were just fat seahorses.


Just need to lay of the cake don’t they?

My favourite sea creatures though were these transparent fish as you could see all their little bones and organs


After this my friend also managed to get us into At-Bristol for free, which appealed to the massive nerd inside me very much so with all it’s science based experiments.

I got to see the veins in my hand

The machine was aptly named ‘Vein Viewer’. There was clearly no messing around when they came up with that name. Straight to the point.

We tried the hamster wheel


I really wish I had one of these in my room so I could go for a run without needing to go out in the cold. It was a bit on the large side though, so I’m not sure if it would fit.

There were also these strange spinning lights


I have absolutely no idea what the science is behind them, I just liked changing the colour of the lights.

There were so many other cool and interesting things there! I would go back in an instant and highly recommend it for a fun day out!

We even got passes to see the planetarium, with the show being played called ‘Autumn Stargazing’


It was a really interesting show and the presenters voice was so soothing and relaxing.

We got taught about the different stars and constellations, what we could see in the night sky through November and we even got to find our star signs.


Mine’s Aquarius, water again eh?

Following our busy day out, we went home and stuffed ourselves even more with Prosecco and Pizza, got dressed up and made our way out to Motion.

Now if you had to ask me my music genres of choice, I would probably say it’s a mix of alternative, light rock, 80s and absolute Dad classics. House music would not feature in this list.

However, we were attending a Hot Creations event, full of yes, house music.


The lasers were flipping cool but the music just really wasn’t my thing. There were so many people high on drugs that I just couldn’t stop staring at, and an awfully large amount of people appeared to be wearing sunglasses indoors. Hmmm…

Anyway, it was an interesting night indeed and at least I got to experience my first ever rave.

The next day, after being treated to a brilliant bacon sandwich (yummy yummy, could do with one now!), I packed up and set off home.

After all my panic on the Friday I ended up having a really great weekend, and even though my trip was short, we managed to cram a load of fun things in! I hope my friend had a brilliant birthday and I’m sure this won’t be my last trip to Bristol!

To wrap it all up, here is a song I heard at the weekend which has now been playing on my ‘Half Marathon Songs’ playlist on repeat. Just need to make sure I don’t start singing  it out loud.

It’s very catchy but please don’t watch the video in a public place:


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