So, only two weeks into working life and I was already whinging about how I needed a trip away. Fortunately myself and a handful of my uni friends were invited to Kingston to visit another of my buddies.

So on Friday evening I set off for Laaandaaan and naturally, bought myself a Boots meal deal for dinner.

After consuming a duck wrap and salted bag of vegetable crisps I was desperately thirsty and looking to thirst my quench with the drink I had bought. Little did I know this bottle top was solidly attached to the bottle and there was no way it was budging. Here is the culprit, finally undone:


I was so desperate to drink it I gave myself blisters all over my hands. Ew.


After asking three burly men and suffering severe friction burns it was my teeny little female friend that managed to open it. The true meaning of a strong independent woman.

Anyway enough about the trauma I suffered, after consuming a Five Guys (mmmm) and several disco waters we headed out to The Hippodrome.

I had the best night out in a looooong time as the DJ played everything from Daniel Beddingfield to Darude, Fleetwood Mac to Fall Out Boy and Beyonce to Bastille. It was a great mix of music!

The next day after getting up (not so bright and early) we decided to set our learner driver friend a test of driving us to Richmond Park.

After surviving the journey (hahahaha sorry) we made it. First stop, the cafe of course! I felt very regal and posh eating my scone although I definitely wasn’t very civilised and made a right mess of it.


And to answer your question, I put the cream on first although I immediately regretted my decision afterwards.

With satisfied tummies, we headed off for a walk to see the ‘views’

Unfortunately it was very cloudy. Here’s St Paul’s Cathedral through the viewpoint…


… Yeah, I can’t see it either.

And here’s the beautiful landscape of London…

15064265_1340345009331425_1447411520_o beautiful.

I did get to see lots of wild deer though!


I think they liked it when I waved at them, there was a definite connection


After this we decided to check out Henry VIII’s home of residence, Hampton Court Palace. It was very nice but also very dark by this point.


So fancy.

I didn’t get beheaded which is a plus.

After eating at Bills, once again consuming several disco waters, and donning myself in what my sister called my ‘Dolores Umbridge dress’ (cheers!), we headed out.

Check out how cheery my friend was about going out with a bunch of girls.


Once arriving at the queue for Kingston Pryzm, it is at this point that my friend decided to mention that this is the place that someone was recently stabbed to death.


So to enter we had to have our ID checked twice, empty our pockets, pass through metal detectors and be felt up by security. Only in London I guess.


After another great night dancing my metaphorical socks off we headed back and I got to snuggle up with my friends V pillow which is the most genius idea ever and definitely going on my Christmas list.

The next day, despite missing my train, I successfully made it home ready for the week to start all over again!

I am sosososososossooooo lucky to have such a good bunch of friends who are always up for making the effort to see each other and so supportive to each other (wink wink). This song is dedicated to my buddies who belted it out to each other on Friday night.


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