Plymouth x2

So after a stressful, busy few weeks of acting like I am a grown up with my life completely sorted (I’m really not and it really isn’t) I invited myself to Plymouth again!

This time I stayed with my first ever friend I made when starting University there who kindly lent me her spare room. After arriving late in the evening we went to a yummy noodle place called B-Bar and then had a few drinks in Spoons. Just a quick note that if they ask you what spice level you want in B-Bar do not say ‘spicy please’ because it will come out a lot more spicy than you pleased, leading you to order more and more free glasses of water to cope. This is a little embarrassing when your face ends up matching your hair.

So in the morning we decided to truly regress to our childhood and started the day with golden syrup on crumpets and a vanilla milkshake. We then headed to a nearby children’s adventure park called Woodlands. It was amazing!

It had rides, slides and lots of cute animals for me to fuss over.

Some of the fun things included a toboggan ride (dangerous when wet).


A room filled with foam balls and gas canister guns to shoot them out of (so much better than a Nerf gun and I bloody love Nerf guns!)

And a giant pillow you could jump on


So much fun, especially when you’ve been fuelled by a sugar loaded breakfast! I did have to bear rule number one in mind though haha


The best thing about it was that there was nobody around so we didn’t have to push in front of any kids to get on the rides and didn’t get any dirty looks and tuts from unimpressed parents!

Now the best bit, the animals!

I met Boris the owl who really looked like a Boris


Some cool Llamas who looked like they were wearing 70s flares. Aren’t Llamas a crazy creation?


And I fed some cute little donkeys

If anyone knows of any donkeys up for adoption, I have plenty of space in my bedroom and a kind heart haha

That evening we headed back, had spag bol (mmmmm) and then proceeded to watch The Great British Bake Off.

Now I LOVE cake but I really hate baking (no patience for it) but after watching this, we felt really inspired by all the masterpieces which were being presented to Mary Berry…

So to make her proud, we made a cake in a mug in the microwave! We used this recipe from Good Food (if it’s on BBC Good Food then its high quality, yes?) and added even more chocolates and treats to it.


Now I know it says in a mug but it also says serves two and we decided to be greedy and have a two-person serving each in a mini bowl. It had been a long day of excitement okay?


We sat with our microwave cakes and chilled out watching a film. I know many of you reading this are probably now tempted to make a cake in a mug, just go and do it! No regrets.

The next day we set off for Cornwall to try Wakeboarding! It was offered at Retallack which I’ve blogged about before and worked on an adjusted-speed pulley system.

I’ve never wakeboarded before although I have tried water skiing and landed face first in the water on every attempt!

Anyway, we got our wetsuits on and tried to look like we knew what we were doing


Now is that me concentrating on the instructor or am I trying not to think about how cold the water is?

I got in and surprised myself by actually managing to stay up!


Get me in the water Olympics!


Absolutely holding on for my life!

However I did end up on my face a fair few times!

But we’ll ignore that happening, yes? Haha

To top off the day, we took a trip to Padstow and I warmed myself up with Scampi and chips (mmmm) and some fudge for dessert. What else?


Thank you very much to my friend for having (putting up with) me and I’m sure I will be back in Plymouth sooner than I expect. Now I’m just off to fill in my application for the next series of Bake Off…

To finish this post off i’m leaving you with my FAVOURITE SONG by my FAVOURITE ARTIST who my friend and I WILL go and see on his next tour, even if I have to sell one or two kidneys to pay for tickets. Hopefully one day he will marry me and serenade me in the bath every night.

Gute nacht everyone, sleep tight it’s getting cold now! xxxx


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