Okay so I swear down this post was not my idea! I was told by my friends that a ‘blog would be expected’. I always try my best to please so here we go…

After jokingly being asked if I wanted to escort my friend to her graduation in Plymouth and me replying ‘is that genuine?’ she lost her opportunity to say no, so off I went.

Now, if you haven’t been to Plymouth before, one of the highlights of the city is the Hoe which is right on the seafront and is where graduation is held. It is a really beautiful location and you can imagine my excitement when we rocked up and found out the Airbnb we were staying in was right on top of the Hoe!


You could practically roll out of bed into the graduation tent!

The interior was huge, it was nicely decorated and there were FREE BISCUITS! My excitement was through the roof.

Now to the matter in hand, my friends were graduating on the morning of the next day. So I woke up, got ready, gave them some time to get their robes on and enjoy the speeches, headed down and actually managed to miss the ceremony. Oops! I lied at first and told them that they were absolutely great on stage and it was only later on that I admitted that I didn’t actually see them. Sorry about that!

Anyway here is a picture of one of my buddies and I in front of Smeaton’s tower. I know the attention should be on her (she got a 1st wooo!) but please take 30 seconds – 1 minute to appreciate my 70s style bargain of a jumpsuit.


After the ceremony we went to the Meze grill, I had some yummy Bruschetta and Moussaka and eventually we headed off to stay at another friends house.

I think I will start of by pointing out some things I loved about my friends house.

First up, the stairs:

Okay so when I encounter stairs like this, I don’t see two sets of stairs, I see a challenge. Trying to leap from one side to the other without touching the middle bit is something I deeply enjoy and I think if they made it into Olympic sport the competitive edge inside of me would definitely lead me to gain gold.

Secondly, the roof terrace:


Do I even need to say anything about this? It’s a flipping roof terrace where you can see the ocean, who wouldn’t want that?!

Last up, the smart meter:


You can literally see how much money you’ve spent on electricity each day!  I want one and I don’t even pay an electricity bill. So cool and I do love a good environmentally friendly idea!

Enough about the house now. That night we got glammed up and headed to Plymouths Gin Distillery for a cocktail!


The inside was very sophisticated!


The cocktails were relatively expensive but considering mine tasted like pure gin with a slight squeeze of lemon juice in I think we were definitely getting our money’s worth!


Once we were finished we carried onto the cheaper, well-known bar of Wetherspoons and helped ourselves to a good old pitcher!

The next day, feeling a little bit worse for wear but not too dreadful, we took a stroll around the Barbican.

For some reason whenever I go to another city, coastal or not, I feel a desperate urge to purchase fudge. So that is exactly what I did.


Mmmm look at the fudgey goodness, I’m salivating just looking at it. I got sea salt and walnut and maple flavour and both were delicious!

We managed to swipe a few freebies whilst walking through the University which made me miss being a student even more than I already did!


That evening we once again got dressed up and went to Seco Lounge at Royal William Yard (I’ve noticed I talk about food way too much). We got tapas to share and ohhhh it was incredible!! The picture just doesn’t do it justice!


Once again that night we hit the bars and I had an absolutely great time! I reckon I was probably a professional dancer in a past life.

Waking up feeling even more worse for wear on the Saturday morning, we decided to visit the Seafood Festival down on the Barbican.


It got very busy and there were loads of stalls to look at! I got a yummy homemade fish finger sandwich to fill my tummy. Food again!


Afterwards we headed on the long journey home where I have to admit, I couldn’t wait to get in my own bed! See you next time Plymouth!

Well, it’s the end of the post so it’s tune time! There didn’t seem to be a stand out song for the weekend but there was an evident theme for which I would like to dedicate this banger from Destiny’s Child to my friend for. Sass it out xxxx


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