So on Friday, after taking a wrong turn and almost ending up on the Severn Bridge into Wales, I made it to Bristol for a weekend of hanging around with a bunch of my best buddies (I hope they’re reading this and cringing haha).

I’ve been to Bristol a fair few times before and really liked it there, however I was yet to sample the nightlife, so this was my chance. I also ate a lot of yummy food whilst there which is always a sign of a good weekend in my opinion.

After being locked outside and drinking on the streets for a good hour, we got ready and headed out to a place called Thekla. It was a nightclub, ON A BOAT!!! The music was good, the cocktails were tasty but the main point is, we were dancing ON A BOAT!!! I loved it.

The next morning, after a much needed sleep, we headed out to a little beer and cider festival with live music and then decided to line our stomachs at a place called Bagel Boy. Having not really had bagels before, I am a true convert.

My bagel was called Roaster Boy and was filled with roasted vegetables, halloumi, salad and pesto mayo and mmmmm was it nice. Check out the menu.

To burn off our full bellies we went for a walk and found the Tour of Britain race. I’ve never really had much interest in cycling but it was quite exciting to watch. The crowd were great too!


Apparently my friends saw Bradley Wiggins competing but I was way, way too distracted by the abundance of tight lycra to notice him


As they went in a loop we got to see them a second time around too!

Following the race we headed up to Clifton Suspension bridge which I was embarrassingly excited about. After a big walk up a big hill we made it to the top and it was well worth it for the views!


It was so pretty and peaceful!


I know it’s just a bridge but it’s a flipping cool bridge


You could see all over Bristol!!

Following this we visited a nice pub overlooking the bridge and then sampled what is supposedly the ‘best burgers in Bristol’ at The Burger Joint. I can confirm it was a very nice burger however, I will have to visit Bristol again and try other burger places if I am ever going to be able to truly back up their claims.

That night we decided to try a place called The Lanes. Although not a nightclub on a boat, it was a nightclub with bowling alleys inside, which is pretty much on the same level of cool.

The music inside was mostly 60/70s and I was absolutely loving it! The DJs were dressed in full on Mod fashion and the atmosphere was great! It was nice to have something a bit different from the usual chart music played in most places.


There definitely needs to be more unique nights like this around the UK if only just so I can attend them haha.

Following this we went on the SWX which was more of your stereotypical club night. My feet definitely needed a rest by the end of the night!

The next morning one of my friends made this delicious feast of American pancakes mmmm which we sat round and ate in a very sophisticated manner with maple syrup and nutella.


Afterwards, we went for a walk to the park in the sunshine and then unfortunately, had to go our separate ways. I had a brilliant weekend, I now want to move to Bristol and we are all planning our next meet up. My friends are just the best! (cringe again).


See ya later alligators


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