Leeds Festival

A bit of a late post as I’ve been very, very busy finishing my degree however, last week myself, my sister and two other friends volunteered for Hotbox Events at Leeds festival. This meant we had to work for 3 x 8 hour shifts over the course of 5 days however, we  did get free entry into the festival!

We arrived on the Tuesday evening with wellies and backpacks in hand and had a quick induction which pretty much went along the lines of “if you see drugs, stop them, if you see a fire, put it out”, so we were aptly prepared for all risky situations which may occur.

On the Wednesday we had the day to ourselves so we decided to go on a little trip to the local town of Knaresborough. It was extremely picturesque and very quaint!


Whilst there we decided to visit Mother Shipton’s Cave, basically a tourist attraction based on a crazy old lady who used to live in a cave. Possibly my future, who knows?

Anyway, I really liked this log with money in it which was there:


The main point of what is England’s oldest tourist attraction was the waterfall which had so many minerals in the water that it petrified the objects underneath it. Pretty cool!


After our day out, and purchasing enough sweets to give us diabetes, we headed back to the festival for our evening shift, 5pm-1am.

The Thursday was my sisters 21st birthday and we were off shift, yaaaay! With it being a very rainy day we spent our time going to Jump Arena and then on to a Greek restaurant called Santorini which was very tasty. Throughout the day it was very easy to see how much I preferred Greek food to young children. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the day however, that’s usually a good sign that we were too busy having fun!

Finally the Friday and the festival came around! Unfortunately it started off with a shift (9am-5pm) however, I pretty much spent the day sunbathing and eating my sweets so it was all good apart from slight sunburn.

Here I am dressed in my best fire warden outfit and looking out from the fire tower over all the tent peasants:



There’s a lot of tents


A lot

Once the shift was over though we could attend the festival! We also got a sneaky few extras, such as being able to take whatever beverages we wanted into the main arena as long as we confirmed they were ‘just bottled squash’. In celebration I also dressed up as a mermaid.

Unfortunately we missed The Vaccines but made it just in time to see Fall Out Boy. Due to the bottled squash I can’t remember how good they were, but I definitely enjoyed myself! The sunset whilst they were playing was absolutely incredible too!


I stayed for half of Biffy Clyro’s act but I do have to admit I left halfway through to go and watch The 1975 who were awesome!

We managed to get the full day at the festival on the Saturday so I started off seeing a few bands who I only knew one or two songs from: Mura Masa, High Tyde and The Internet, they were all very impressive and I will definitely listen to them more in the future!

On the main stage were Nothing But Thieves, who sound a lot like Muse and are definite future headliners!

Chvrches were also surprisingly good! They got everyone dancing and the lead singer was the cutest, coolest, most talented thing who is the sort of girl you just wish you could be!

Other acts we saw were Twenty One Pilots who had a packed tent due to the rain outside and Foals, a band I’ve wanted to see for a good while! Here’s a really bad, blurry picture of Foals in the rain:


The Saturday night was our dreaded night shift (1am – 9am). I managed to get the quietest camp site so I could relax a bit however, a small amount of rowdiness did arise from a lone man getting naked and playing Wonderwall on guitar very loudly for all his friends to have a sing-a-long to. Very entertaining for myself however, The security guards were less pleased and informed me that they were going to ‘short’ him out. Booo!

Although most of the Sunday consisted of much needed sleep zzzz I still managed to see The Courteeners and Imagine Dragons.

The headliner on the last night was the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Now I know every loves them and thinks they’re legendary blah blah and although I do like their stuff, I have to admit I left halfway through because I wanted to see Two Door Cinema Club headline the NME stage. They were sososososososooooo good!

I sung along and danced to every song and probably scared everyone in the surrounding vicinity for my enthusiasm! But I just think they’re great!! Alex Trimble’s voice is amazing and I just love it when a fellow ginger is successful!


I had a really good time at Leeds Festival despite the rain and long shifts! It’s definitely made me want to start seeing live bands again and I would highly recommend volunteering through Hotbox due to the free entry and extra ‘perks’ offered.

I love festivals but I’m glad to put away those wellies for a while!


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