Leeds 10k

So on Sunday I took part in my first ever 10k, the Jane Tomlinson Run for All in Leeds! Although I have run 4 half marathons, I had never competed in this distance before. Now there is an obvious pro to the 10k over the half marathon which is that it is considerably shorter. However, the con is you feel like you have to fun a LOT faster. Fortunately though, compared to the Leeds Half Marathon, it was lovely and flat which made it a hell of a lot easier on the legs. Here’s the route, it’s pretty much up and down Kirkstall Road:


I was using my friends entry number as she couldn’t attend and unknown to me, she had signed up with a very fast time. So I turned up, went in the direction that the warden pointed my starting colour to, and realised that I was surrounded by very athletic, very fit, very much more muscular than me, men. At this point my nerves got the better of me and I realised my bladder was pretttttty full. But it was too late. The race was about to start. So I set off placing one foot in front of the other as fast as I could.

Fortunately, I managed to keep up, but the pressing urge for a wee did not stop. At the half way point I had to visit the dreaded portaloo. Stopping in a portaloo whilst on a run is never a good idea because you’re never quite sure who’s, or what fluid is on you. Some lovely embarassing details there! However, it had to be done and I managed to complete the race in a reasonable time of 49:38, beating the target I was aiming for of 50 minutes, even with the toilet stop! The medal at the end was so flipping cool! Check out the beautiful blurry Brooks shoes too.


The best thing about completing a race is the goody bag! I got a lot of nutty and protein-y foods in my bag including a Mars bar, Nature Valley bar, a rip-off version of snickers from Asda who sponsored the race and some products from a new company called Arla! Their tropical milkshake was really yummy! I was also thankful that the finisher t-shirt was white and not fluorescent yellow like the half marathon one. It’s very hard for a ginger to pull off yellow.


All in all, a good run on a lovely day. I didn’t have anyone with me at the race so you are saved from my sweaty face (hahaha that rhymed and now I refuse to change it). If you like running or would like to start I highly recommend Parkrun, a 5k timed run every Saturday morning at 9am in absolutely looooooaaaaads of local parks around the UK. And best of all, it’s free!

I definitely need a new challenge to do now though so I have my fingers and toes crossed for the London Marathon ballot. Pleaaaaase pick me!!!!

Anyway, I never know how to wrap these things up so see ya later.


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