So last week I was sunning it up on the Greek island of Skiathos in 30+ degree heat which is very depressing considering I spent today speed walking home just to stop myself from getting the drowned rat look. This is my fourth (I think, although I feel like i’m missing something) trip to a Greek island with the previous holidays including Kos, Zakynthos and Crete. This was definitely the poshest and richest of all the Greek islands I have visited and it was reflected in everything from the restaurant menus to the clothes sold in the souvenir shops.

Despite this (not that it’s a bad thing!) it was still typical Greece with beautiful beaches, amazing weather and scrummy food. Just look at all that blueness!


And it had the characteristic white houses with terracotta roofs and blue doors.


Now Skiathos’ (not sure where that apostrophe goes, I’ve just hoped for the best) claim to fame is that it is the island, alongside the nearby Skopelos, at which Mamma Mia! was filmed, and let me tell you, they absolutely milked it. We took a boat trip to check out some of the locations at which it was filmed and during the ride we saw dolphins! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures but they were very cute!

We took a stop off at a Lalaria beach which has the most bluest sea and a really cool arch which if you swim under you make a wish (of course I wished for loads of money so I can go on more holidays haha!). I also made good use of my GoPro.


And so did my sister by the looks of it! Sorry Leah hahahahaha


After this we went to see the church at which they get married which was at the peak of an absolutely massive hill. The view was definitely worth it though. You can just about see the teeny little church at the top.


Now, with absolutely no shame I will admit that one of my favourite things in life are cats. And fortunately for me, Greece is absolute full of them!!!! It’s really sad that there are so many stray cats and dogs on these Islands and I really hope the issue gets sorted soon however, it did give me the opportunity to fulfil my crazy cat lady dream.

At one point, whilst wandering around the back streets my family and I came across a stray kitten, as I went to stroke it all of sudden loads of cats and kittens surrounded us. I felt like the Pied Piper but with cats instead of rats.


Just look at them! They are so cute and mischievous! Awww! By the way it’s my half birthday next month if you fancy getting me a cute kitten present!

13509567_1209735522392375_1089384704_o (1)

By far, the coolest thing I got to do whilst there was stand at the end of the runway. As it is such a small island with very little flat land, you are able to stand right behind the planes as they take off and land. It was absolutely awesome being so close to them and I can’t even begin to describe how powerful they feel when you are so near. Fortunately I didn’t get blown into the sea (although my mom said she did see a couple get blown in haha suckers!), but I was gripping onto the railings for my life.


Anyway to wrap it up, Skiathos is very chilled and relaxed, I miss eating gyros and swimming in the sea and I hope to burn off these cocktail calories in the next few weeks. Also big thanks to my mom and dad for still allowing me to tag along on holiday at the old age of 22!

Also, if you really need further reasons to go to this beautiful bit of paradise, it happens to house the Best Bar in Europe 2004. Now why on earth would you not want to check that out?!?!?!



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