Retallack Water Park and Padstow

This weekend I visited some of my friends down in Devon to celebrate the 22nd birthday of one of my bestest buddies. The birthday girl had organised for us to all go on an inflatable water park, a little bit like Total Wipeout but with a lot more water!! It was based in a holiday park down in Cornwall called Retallack. I don’t know how she found it but it is awesome!!


Anyway we spent an hour bobbing about in wetsuits and life jackets climbing the obstacles and going down the slides. It was a lot more effort than it looks and I think we were all shattered by the end. There were a few interesting moments where random people would push us off the course and I saw a lot of snot haha! The best bit was the giant cushion where someone lies on the end and another person leaps onto the opposite side to send them flying. I took my GoPro and got some great pictures and videos. This picture is my favourite! You can definitely tell my friend Grace and I are enjoying ourselves haha!


Once we were finished and worked up an appetite I pretty much wouldn’t shut up about how much I wanted Scampi and Chips for my lunch. So we were decided to go to the nearby coastal port of Padstow. I have been well informed that this is where Rick Stein is from and you definitely couldn’t escape him once you were there! Fortunately for me, I got my Scampi and Chips and was very pleased with them! They were extremely tasty, 10/10!


After filling our tummies we had a wander round to see the sights. I got fudge which I always like to get when I visit the seaside (mmmm) and we spent a good hour eyeing up all the cute dogs and puppies going for a walk. It was an extremely pretty place, especially on such a beautiful, sunny day!


And out to sea!


I have had an absolutely brilliant weekend with lovely weather and the best company I could wish for! I’ve been so busy I’ve given myself a cold so instead of recovering I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow! See ya later mateys!


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