Skipton and Malham Cove

On Monday, seeing as the weather was nice, myself and some coursemates decided to take a little roadtrip through the Yorkshire Dales. The original plan had been to go to York so I was definitely not dressed for the occasion!

We first decided to visit Skipton, a little town just south of the Yorkshire Dales. It was very quaint with a small market and your typical stone brick buildings. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures whilst there however we saw lots of animals like baby ducks and baby sheep which made me very happy! We took a walk through Skipton Castle Woods and got a scenic view of the town from up high. Our visit was finished off with some pastries and some very tasty flapjack covered in yoghurt! Mmmmm!

After this we decided to venture further into the Dales and visit Malham Cove. This has been a place which has been on my bucket list for a while as it is well renowned for being a cool place to do some sport climbing. I will make sure I go back one day and try it out!

Anyway check out these blue skies!

blus skies

The weather was absolutely perfect for a little stroll (just attempted three times to spell absolutely correctly). The cove looked very insignificant from afar but as we got closer it just got taller and taller.


It’s really difficult to get a perspective of it however, you can see a few people standing on a ledge about a third of the way up the picture. The wall was absolutely huge! There were a couple of climbers there and I have to admit they are very brave, it looks like a tough climb with a fair amount of overhang. Looking back from the cove was pretty too with a few streams merging together.


It kind of reminds me of something out of the Hobbit. Anyway here is a picture of myself and the other two lovely girls on my course with me looking very overdressed for the situation. We all look very cheerful though!

me, a,a.jpg

Once we got back to the village in Malham we got drinks and sweets and then took the long drive back. Unfortunately my face caught the sun and I was a little bit pink by the end of the day but it was definitely worth it to be able to spend the day in the sunshine. I am determined to return and climb a bit of Malham Cove however next time I will be bringing my factor 50!


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