Leeds Half Marathon

So last Sunday I ran the Leeds Half Marathon as part of the Plusnet half marathon series. This would be the fourth time that I have completed a half marathon so I originally felt pretty confident about completing it. Here’s me looking all prepared and relaxed about it:


However, this was definitely the warmest half marathon I have ever done, the maximum temperature of the day was 25 degrees celsius, way too hot to be comfortable. But I have to say, the crowd completely made up for it! There were street performers, sweets being given out for energy and many people had their hoses out to help cool us runners down!

The route was also very difficult, a flat start but then hill after hill after hill. I haven’t trained on so many inclines before so struggled through, but I made sure not to stop at all. I just focused on one foot in front of the other to get myself to the finish. The end of the route finished past Kirkstall Abbey so I felt very happy knowing I was near the finish line. Here’s the  entire route which took a good tour around Leeds:


The finish line was slightly uphill which was an absolute killer, but everybody was cheering so loudly and the music blasting out really cheered everyone on! My friend (who was amazing support on the day) managed to take an actions shot of me near the finish line even though I didn’t even realise she was there!


At the end we received a goody bag with snacks and drinks, a luminescent yellow t-shirt (attractive) and a really nice medal. I went home and ate a whole pizza and then lay in the sun for the rest of the day, a perfect way to top it off! All in all a great day, a very tough half marathon with many dreaded hills but the atmosphere was amazing and I loved every second of it (kind of!)


Also a quick note to say, I bought new running shoes!!! I have loved my previous two pairs of Brooks running trainers so decided to stick with them and get some Ghost 8’s. I am so excited for when they arrive!!


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