Henry Price

One of my hobbies which I have taken up this year is climbing!! Well more specifically bouldering as it tend to take less time getting set up and means that I can get a lot more practice in. Anyway, there is this really cool place on the University of Leeds campus where you can go and practice. It is round the back of their halls of residence called Henry Price and is essentially a grit stone wall that you can traverse along until eventually your arms tire and give up.


It is actually very pretty around there with great views and a beautiful sunset most days! Due to it being covered and well-lit it means you can practice any time of day and in all weather conditions. I once climbed whilst there was a thunderstorm behind me which was awesome! Best of all, this is all free! You can see where the chalk marks are that it is well used and you are lucky if you go to find it empty of other climbers.


It’s a great place to try out if you’re into bouldering and definitely an exciting way to spend your lunch break. I will leave you with a picture of my beloved Boreal Luna climbing shoes and chalk bag. Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and Happy Earth Day!






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