Tropical World With Friends

This weekend a few of my brilliant friends from Plymouth came to visit me up in Leeds. I have known them for over 3 years now and lived them for two of those. They are a great bunch of loveliness and this is a picture of me with them in my second year of university on Plymouth Hoe!!

house 2

Anyway, whilst they were here, after many arguments about what we were going to do we settled on visiting Roundhay Park. It is one of the largest city parks in Europe and has lots of cool things to look at, I would highly recommend taking a visit! One of the things we did see whilst there was Tropical World which is a garden centre/ animal sanctuary type thing. It only cost £5 which was an absolute bargain for what we got to see.

Out of all the animals the meerkats were definitely the best! This little guy was definitely smiling at me!


Alongside many other animals such as Iguanas, Marmosets, Tropical Birds, Turtles and Piranhas we got to walk inside a Butterfly house. They were so beautiful and I am definitely putting a Butterfly house in my imaginary dream home.


Overall the value for money was excellent and I would definitely go again. My friends loved it too and had a great time although we probably should have spent more time reading about the animals rather than getting excited over them!


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